Shree Mandir offer various puja services for the benefit of you and your loved ones. Our Priest is experienced in performing all kinds of pujas with proper rituals.

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Note There will be an extra gas charge of $0.50 per mile. No charge if Panditji is picked up and dropped back after the puja. Dakshina to Panditji is voluntary.

Puja ServiceAt HomeAt Temple
Akhand Ramayan Paath (Start & Bhog) - Per Day$101.00 
Anna Prashan$151.00$51.00
Bhumi Puja (Ground Breaking)$151.00 
Car Puja$0.00$21.00
Chati Puja (Sixth day old baby Puja)$101.00 
Chuda Karan (Hair Offering)$101.00$51.00
Durga Puja (Mata Ki Chowki)$251.00 
Graha Satak Havan & Puja (wedding)$251.00$101.00
Griha Pravesh (Vaastu Puja)$151.00 
Janeu (Threading Ceremony)$251.00$151.00
Janmotsav (Birthday Puja)$101.00$51.00
Katha and Havan$201.00$101.00
Mool Shanti$251.00$201.00
Namkaran (Naming Ceremony)$151.00$51.00
Nav Grah Pujan$101.00$51.00
Sagai (Engagement) Puja$201.00$201.00
Satyanarayan Puja$151.00$51.00
Seemanth (Baby Shower)$151.00$51.00
Shradh $101.00 
Sri Hanuman Chaalisa 21 Aabriti$101.00 
Sunder Kaand Puja$251.00 
Vivah (Wedding) - Metro Atlanta$501.00$301.00
Vivah (Wedding) - Outside Metro Atlanta$501.00